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Posted on 2019-05-23 by Jennifer Taylor

The ads we see on Google are seen by potential leads or customers who are interested in what you are selling or the service you offer. If you are going to be using Google ads, you will be bidding on search terms or keywords and the winners of that bid are placed at the top of the search results page, YouTube or on relevant websites depending on the type of ad campaign you have selected (search, shopping, or display). There are many factors that impact the ability for you to create effective and high performing Google Ads. Here are some of the factors:


1.       AdRank and Qua...

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Posted on 2019-04-29 by Jennifer Taylor

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard of Google but may not know exactly what Google Ads (or formerly known as “Google Adwords”) is. Well, if you’re considering spending money on ads to reach your target audience or potential customers, you’d better spend it in the right place. And with over 246 million unique visitors, 3.5 billion daily interactions and an estimated 700% return on investment, Google Ads is where to be.  

Two years after launched, Google Ads came into the picture. In October 2000, it was first known as Google Adwords but after rebranding in 2018, it was renamed Google Ads. This is a paid advertising platform that falls under a marketing channel known as “pay per click” (or PPC). This works...

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Posted on 2019-04-03 by Jennifer Taylor

Discover some of our latest and greatest Instagram Story tricks and hacks!


1.       User stickers

Fun stickers can add some personality to your stories. To access these, tap the smiling sticker icon in the upper right hand corner of your screen once you’ve captured a photo or video or swipe up from the bottom of your screen. Some of the unique stickers to include are location, hashtag, countdown and poll.

You can increase and decrease the size of your sticker once...

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Posted on 2019-03-19 by Jennifer Taylor

Last time we talked about the basics of Instagram Stories. Now how do we apply this to your business? Join us and find out!

How to Make an Instagram Story

1.       Open Instagram and tap the camera icon on the upper left-hand corner of your phone.


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Posted on 2019-03-06 by Jennifer Taylor

There’s always something new with social media and these days, it’s all about documentation. That’s where Instagram Stories comes in. Instagram Stories are seconds-long glimpses of people’s lives, shared on Instagram for only 24 hours. Because of its short lifespan, you can utilize this app feature to display other parts of your business that you may normally not show. We’re going to peek into what and how of Instagram Stories and why you should use them:

Your Instagram Story is published separately from the photos and videos found in the tiled grid/profile of your Instagram profile. Instagram Stories allow Instagram users to share photos and videos to their “Story.” This story is visible to followers of the user’s Instagram account and to specific users, the Story’s sender follows. Like Snapchat, Instagram Stories are ephemeral (which means they disappea...

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