Local SEO For Niche Interests

When I began writing for SEO for my local non-profit organization, I found that its specific topics could make it difficult to get its website to rank on Google. That’s because the keywords for it didn’t have as many results or as much traffic as mainstream content. But what if I told you that there’s a way to make SEO work for your local niche interest business, no matter how obscure it is?

Here’s how you can get your unique content to rank on Google.

Related Keywords

When finding keywords for your content, what might be an obvious term for you may be outside of another’s scope of knowledge. For example; let’s say you have a page about ‘bird fanciers’, people who breed and show birds. Those within that community will know what a ‘fancier’ is, but most would know them as ‘bird breeders’. So, instead of trying to rank for ‘bird fancier’, you would want to try for keywords such as ‘bird breeders’ or ‘parrot breeders’.

Keywords From Parallel Topics

Let’s say that you are still having trouble finding keywords directly related to your topic. Even if you aren’t, there’s still another trick you can use to make sure the right audience finds your content. Search for keywords from parallel topics, topics that may not be directly about your topic, but are still indirectly related to your topic. For example; instead of only ranking for ‘bird breeders’, you may have an easier time ranking for ‘pet birds’, or even just pets in general.

Niche Backlinks

A very powerful SEO tool is backlinking. Finding other entities that relate to your niche can present you with an opportunity to get more traffic to your unique content through a link from another creator’s content. For example; let’s say there’s a content creator who has published a resource on the best places to get pet birds in your area. This is your chance to reach out to the creator and offer your own content about bird breeders as a helpful item to include in their content. This way, those looking for compiled information on where to get a pet bird will find that other creator’s content, and in turn will find yours.

SEO, especially for unique or newer hobbies and products, is hard work. It also takes a lot of time. If you are in need of local SEO services, Frontline Consulting is up for the task! Let’s get your wonderfully unique content seen!