Tips for Redesigning Your Website

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You may have noticed that our website recently got a fresh coat of paint. Since we’ve just finished giving our own site a visual overhaul, we have some tips for how you can also tweak and upgrade the design of your old and out of date website into something more modern, attractive, and functional.

If your website is starting to look dated, isn’t formatted to display easily on mobile or is just impossible to navigate, you’ll want to read our website redesign tips so that you can get started on refurbishing your website!

Here are 5 Tips for How to Redesign Your Website:

  1. Start with a review of your current website

You should already be regularly reviewing your website to look for errors, broken links, and areas where your site can be improved. Before you start planning the layout of your new site, click through every page on your website and try to think about how a potential customer would navigate your website. Would it be easy for them to find what they’re looking for? Is there anything in the design that might be making it difficult for them to make a purchase? Does your website look appealing and present your business in a professional way? Take notes on what you discover so you can keep your customers’ needs in mind during the redesign process.

2. Map out the user’s journey

You should now have a better idea of what the potential roadblocks are in your current website that might be preventing a user from finding what they’re looking for or completing a purchase. With this in mind, create a plan for how you want your redesigned site to be laid out. Try to make it so that the user’s journey from clicking on a link to your website to making a purchase, or taking some other desired action, is as simple and easy as possible.

3. Format your website for mobile

Make sure you aren’t just considering how your website looks on desktops when developing your site design. Mobile users are going to make up a significant portion of the people visiting your website, so it’s important that your site looks good and works seamlessly on mobile devices. Not being compatible with mobile can also negatively impact your SEO, so don’t ignore this aspect of your site design.

4. Freshen up your images

Attractive visuals make your website look more professional and will lead users to be more inspired to look around and see what you have to offer. Try to strike a nice balance between text and pictures and use high quality images so they’ll look crisp and polished.

5. Write the content ahead of time

The content of your website shouldn’t be an afterthought, your content should be what dictates the design of your site. It might be tempting to leave the writing of your website content to later, but this can lead to you trying to awkwardly cram content into inappropriate places, or you might even need to make changes to your finished design after the fact.

With these tips in mind, it’s time for you to sit down and start planning your website redesign. We hope that you’ll come up with a pristine new website that will push your business to new heights!

If you need help with redesigning your website, Frontline Web Consulting has the skills and expertise to craft a compelling new website that’s tailored to your specific needs. Contact us today for a free consultation. 780-760-6922