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Posted on 2020-02-12 by Carol Burns

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ve heard the term “Keywords”, but what are these words and why is using them important to your business?  Put simply, keywords or key phrases, are what people are searching for in search engines such as Google or Bing.  As a business, they’re important because you want to come up in search engines when people search for the keywords or phrases that are relevant to your products or services.  

How to choose basic keywords

Although search engines are powerful, keyword re...

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Posted on 2020-01-20 by Carol Burns

What exactly is “My Brand”? 


When you think about what your company brand is, do you think of your logo?  Your website? Your packaging?  All of these are what is know as visual identity, which is not actually what a brand is.  It’s confusing, after all when you think about “big brands” like Nike or Apple you immediately thing of their logos and their products.  Visual identity is part of what a brand is, but simply put a brand is the perception that your customer has of your company; and when it comes to customers, perception is everything.


Your brand is simply how people see you-

Take comp...

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Posted on 2019-12-12 by Jennifer Taylor

Google Shopping is another one of Google’s services. This one will allow consumers to search for, compare, and shop for products across different retailers who have paid to advertise their products. You may have seen this on the Shopping tab of Google. Here is an example:

Google Shopping is powered by two platforms – Google Ads and the Google Merchant Centre. The Google Merchant Centre is where your product feed lives. Google Ads is where your actual shopping campaigns live and where you’ll set your budget and make bids for your ad campaigns.

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Posted on 2019-11-15 by Carol Burns

Reality technologies like Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) are growing quickly with all the latest advancements in the industry.  For example: 


*Apple allows millions of iPhone and iPad owners to experience augmented reality (AR) through apps like Google Maps and Pokemon go.


*Facebook is bringing Virtual reality to its platform with their new VR world Horizon


*Microsoft is using mixed reality (MR) to combine virtual objects with the real world 


To help you have a clear understanding ...

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Posted on 2019-10-10 by Jennifer Taylor

We are exposed to over 1000 of advertisements every day. Can you remember any of them? First impressions are tough making remarketing a powerful technique.

What is remarketing exactly? The easiest answer is remarketing, also known as retargeting, is a type of online advertising that shows your ad to people who have visited your app or website again. In some ways, you may have experienced this before. Do you ever feel like Facebook has been “following” you?  Or you’ve searched on Google, gone to a few websites, and then half an hour later, an advertisement of a related product is on your newsfeed?

An example of remarketing is when you go look at a product on Amazon but don’t make a purchase. When you go to another website that uses display advertising or on Facebook, Amazon can use remarketing to show you an ad featuring the same product you didn’t b...

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