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Why Digital Marketing
Posted on 2020-05-13 by Carol Burns
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It is incredible to think with how accessible the internet is today, that the number of people who go online every day is still increasing.  In just the last three years internet usage among adults increased by 5%  and the way people shop and buy really has changed along with it -- meaning offline marketing isn't as effective as it used to be.


Marketing has always been about connecting with your audience in the right place and time. Today, that means you need to meet them where they are already spending time: on the internet. Enter digital marketing -- in other words, any form of marketing that exists ONLINE.  Digital marketing allows businesses to use digital channels such as search engines, social media, email, and other websites to connect with current and prospective customers.  While traditional marketing might be print ads, phone communication, or physical marketing, digital marketing occurs electronically and online. This means that there are a number of endless possibilities for brands including email, video, social media, or website-based marketing opportunities.

DRIVING BRAND AWARENESS: Digital marketers are in charge of driving brand awareness and lead generation through all the digital channels -- both free and paid -- that are at a company's disposal. These channels include social media, the company's own website, search engine rankings, email, display advertising, and the company's blog. Digital marketing is carried out across many marketing roles today. In small companies, one person might complete many of the digital marketing tactics described above at the same time. In larger companies, these tactics have multiple specialists that each focus on just one or two of the brand's digital channels.


Digital content and marketing is so common that consumers now expect and rely on it as a way to learn about brands.  It seems like every other brand has a website and if they don't, they at least have a social media presence or digital ad strategy. This makes digital marketing vital for your business and brand awareness. There are so many options and strategies associated with it, you can get creative and experiment with a variety of marketing tactics on a budget. Digital marketing, you can also use tools like analytics dashboards to monitor the success and ROI of your campaigns. 


The best digital marketers have a clear vision of how each digital marketing campaign supports their overall goals. Depending on the goals of their marketing strategy, marketers can support a larger campaign through the free and paid channels at their disposal. content marketer, for example, can create a series of blog posts that serve to generate leads from a new product the business recently offered. The company's social media marketer might then help promote these blog posts through paid and organic posts on social media. The email marketer then might create an email campaign to send those who purchased the product more information on the company. 


Marketing Automation refers to the software that serves to automate your basic marketing operations. Many marketing departments can automate repetitive tasks they would otherwise do manually, such as email newsletters, social media post scheduling, and campaign tracking and reporting.  


Digital marketing can work for any business in any industry. No matter what your company sells, digital marketing still involves creating buyer personas to identify your audience's needs, and creating valuable online content. However, that's not to say all businesses should implement a digital marketing strategy in the same way.  If your company is business-to-business (B2B), your digital marketing efforts are likely to be centered around online lead generation, with the end goal being for someone to speak to a salesperson.  If your company is business-to-consumer (B2C), depending on the price point of your products, it's likely that the goal of your digital marketing efforts is to attract people to your website and have them become customers without ever needing to speak to a salesperson. 

If you're already doing digital marketing, it's likely that you're at least reaching some segments of your audience online. No doubt you can think of some areas of your strategy that could use a little improvement, though.  Hiring a professional digital marketing company can be one of the best investments you can make.  They can not only improve your content, website design, and social media management but also offer branding, analytics and reporting.  Check out the Frontline Consulting Website to see how we can help.  Your business is worth it. 

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