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Why this is NOT the time to put your online business on hold.
Posted on 2020-04-13 by Carol Burns
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With all the isolation and business closures, it’s easy to be unmotivated and think that life is put on hold, but that is not the case! Whether you're a brick-and-mortar retailer that’s temporarily closed your doors or an online business that’s experiencing a spike you weren’t anticipating, we're here to help you identify the best next step for your business.

STAY CONNECTED - It’s important to stay connected to your customers and supporters right now.  Here are some ways to do just that.

*Maintain your social media presence with regular posting and interactions with your customers. This will help maintain and further build loyal relationships and keep your brand awareness high and top of mind for your consumers. Stay relevant and don’t give up on your organization. It’s not business as usual, but it is still business.

*Keep people updated.  No matter what type of business you run, people want to hear from you.  Consider adding a signup form to your site to build an email list where you can send regular updates and keep the conversation going with customers, fans and friends. This allows you to keep them in the loop about any changes to your hours or product availability as well as let them know how they can support you during this time. Consider using an outside source such as Frontline Web Consulting to build your email lists and send communications for you.

*Reach out to your community.  Right now, a lot of your customers are adjusting to new routines.  That might mean working from home or homeschooling their children.  If you can provide any resources or services, even if it’s just a free download for a coloring book to keep the kids entertained, then share that with them.  Share funny memes that are relevant to your business, or even just to the whole crazy stay at home situation. 


Turn in person events into online events -

Your number one goal is to protect the health of your customers.  Rather than cancelling your events completely, offer online events using alternative channels.

*Turn a physical workshop into an online webinar. 

*Use social media channels like Facebook or Instagram to organize live sessions. 

*Consider online classes.  If you are a restaurant owner, offer some classes to show people how to prepare some of your favorite dishes. If you have a gym or yoga studio, you can livestream sessions for members at home.


Update your website – This is an excellent time to look at updating your website, especially if it’s been a while.  Consult an expert to help you reorganize your site to maximize potential business.

*Make sure your page clearly communicates any inventory shortages, shipping delays or changes to estimated delivery dates.  These should also be added to your home page, shipping info page or product detail pages

*Share this info on your social media channels. Important notices can be pinned to top of Facebook page.

*Provide clarity through FAQ’s on your website.


 An unexpected increase - Alternatively, maybe your online business has experienced an unexpected increase in traffic as a result of recent events. In this case, you want to be strategic in your response and understanding of how you can continue to meet the needs of your customers.  Here are some things to help you do just that.

*Social Media Ads - If you’ve got a product that’s been particularly popular, consider setting up social media ads to boost awareness among your existing customers—and brand-new audiences, too.

*Capture Data - Are you seeing increased traffic to your website because the content you offer is resonating right now? Be sure to capture that data so you can use it to make informed marketing decisions (while staying true to your brand) down the road.

*Be aware of changing needs – although your regular products might be doing very well, don’t miss out on the changing needs of your customers.  For example, when employers started mandating work-from-home policies, we see a surge for things like “office chair” and “office desk” started popping up in the query data. Make sure to see if any of your products fit the needs of the “new normal”

Invest in marketing experts – you might consider hiring a team of marketing and business experts to deal with things like website development, google ads, content marketing and social media management.  Have them deal with:

              *Google analytics data analysis

            *Design and program changes

            *Content and marketing strategies and planning

            *Website development and management

            *Online marketing management

            *Social media management and monitoring 


Unfortunately, the next few months may get worse.  The daily count of Corona Virus victims grows daily.  Personally, all you can do is stay home, and practice physical distancing, but from a business standpoint, you can make a change and use this to your advantage. 

If you are unsure which of these ideas to implement or how to go about working on any of them, please reach out to us.  We can help you figure out the best course of action and how we can best get you through this.  Check out the Frontline Web Consulting website today and keep your business moving forward.






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