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What exactly is "My Brand"?
Posted on 2020-01-20 by Carol Burns
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What exactly is “My Brand”? 


When you think about what your company brand is, do you think of your logo?  Your website? Your packaging?  All of these are what is know as visual identity, which is not actually what a brand is.  It’s confusing, after all when you think about “big brands” like Nike or Apple you immediately thing of their logos and their products.  Visual identity is part of what a brand is, but simply put a brand is the perception that your customer has of your company; and when it comes to customers, perception is everything.


Your brand is simply how people see you-

Take computers for an example; people think of Acer as a manufacturer of cheap reliable laptops, but no one is going to pay $1500 for one.  However, when they see the Apple Logo, they can justify spending more money.  Both are good computers, but the brand is different.  Of course, you can’t tell people what to think, and to be honest their perception will always be a little different that how you perceive yourself and your brand.  However, you can influence their perception if what you deliver is consistent with how you brand it.  You want to establish a reputation for quality and to do this, you need to deliver quality rather than just say you do.