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Why Aren't People Buying From My Website?
Posted on 2019-09-10 by Jennifer Taylor
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You have built yourself a business and a platform online through an e-commerce website. You’ve worked hard and put a lot of sweat and tears into this but crickets. Nobody is buying from your website – why? This is a common problem with e-commerce websites. You invest good time and money into a website and e-commerce SEO to make sure traffic arrives at your site but then nobody is buying anything from it. Ask yourself these questions:


1.       Does your website have a professional-looking design?

Keep it simple. Google is constantly looking at the design of your website to some degree, as a way of judging its authority. Google must serve its users with quality and authoritative sites that they will use. If it doesn’t do this, its business will suffer. As users, we are drawn to sites that look more professional and have a good quality design. What does your website look like? Does it have a well laid out format or is it full of clutter and looks like a university essay?

For example, would you buy their product from this site?

Or how about this?

Customers are more likely to buy an Apple product from this simple and functional site. Remember: Don’t let aesthetics overrule functionality!


1.       Does your website have a good copy?


A well-written copy and content should be used in most sections of your e-commerce site – from the home page to the individual product/service pages. It’s important to let your unique brand personality to come through in your tone of voice in order to stay memorable. It is also important to remember that your website is likely going to be the first port of call for potential customers. Telling them what benefits of using your products are over-focusing on the product’s features. Adding in social proof in the form of a testimonial or review is important as well.

You also want to ensure that your copy is unique. Yes, manufacturers will often provide a copy for their products however it could be obvious to consumers who are researching products. It is also not easy to rank in Google as it doesn’t like duplicate content and will filter out similar pages. Also, ensure that your grammar is correct as it is one of the easiest ways to lose credibility.

The last thing to remember is that visuals are important too but just including a photo of your product is not good enough. Both photos and a good product copy can heavily influence a customer’s decision to purchase.


2.       Does your e-commerce website feel safe?

One very important thing to consider is that people will not buy from you unless they feel that their payment details are going to be safe. Design will go a long way but people need trust signals. One thing you can do is include a trusted encrypted website logo as well as the payment methods that are accepted on your website in prominent places. Here is an example:

Another factor to consider is having testimonials and reviews. When someone gives you a review, link back to their business from the review. Include relevant reviews on specific product pages too. If your business offers case studies, you can include those too!

Consider your “About Us” page – people want to buy from people, not a faceless website. Tell your story and show off your employees and anything that makes it uniquely you! People like working with people and seeing a business’ human side.


1.       Are you encouraging return visits?

Most of the time, people do not buy on their first visit to an e-commerce website. How do you make sure they come back to yours? Provide a positive user experience. People are more likely to return if they have a good experience on the first visit. Your website should load quickly, make content easy to digest, be easy to navigate and much more.

Blogs, email subscription and coupons/special offers are all various types of content that can encourage people to come back to shop as well as help with their user experience. Lastly, don’t forget about your online checkout. If you can make this process as easy as possible, more people are likely to want to return and shop.


These are just a few of the things you can do or investigate when looking at why people aren’t buying from your website. The good news is that all these things are easily changed and tweaked! 

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