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Digital Marketing Trends to Watch For in 2019
Posted on 2018-12-18 by Jennifer Taylor
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New year means a new start. With 2019 just around the corner, you may be thinking about your digital marketing efforts. We have the latest tips and tricks for your start to 2019:


1.       People trust authenticity. Always.


We knew years ago that people were running away from traditional ads. In fact, 30% of all users are expected to be using ad blockers, meaning traditional ads now won’t even reach 30% of your possible target audience. But does this mean you should abandon your ads? Not necessarily.


As customers are increasingly distrusting ads and marketing, authenticity is necessary and even brutal honesty is becoming critical for brands.  86% of customers state that authenticity is an important factor when deciding on what brands to support (Stackla Report). This number increases even more with millennials (90%). As people trust other people more than brands, influencer marketing has been and is still on the rise. While we may be blind to ads, authentic content generated voluntarily by fellow customers, catches our eyes easily. An example of how to use UGC (user-generated content) is provided by Go Pro. There are almost 5000 videos posted online daily using their branded hashtag #GoPro. How did they manage to grow such engagement? While their competitors’ content talks about the logistics of their cameras (such as the lenses, and megapixels), GoPro’s content glorifies passion and thrill-seeking, inspires and fills with awe. Through this trusted and engaging UGC through all their multichannel marketing efforts, they will the hearts of their target audience.

Make an effort to motivate your customers to share their experiences with your brands. It will definitely pay off as potential customers are 3x more likely to say that content created by a customer is more trustworthy than the content by a brand.


2.       Internet will Catch Up to Television


In 2019, research has predicted that internet will catch up to television regarding hours watched. The prediction is that 45 minutes of an average person’s internet time will be spent watching mobile videos. People will spend 2.6 hours a day online and 2.7 hours a day watching TV in 2019. With this trend, we predict companies will spend less money on TV ads and more money on web videos, social media and web ads in the new year.

3.       Voice Search Continues to Rise


Who would have thought speaking into a phone or mobile device to find information would be the norm this day in age? Years ago, it was unimaginable. Fast forward to today and not only are 50% of all searches being performed on mobile devices but voice searches have increased by more than 30% (Thee Design, 2017). More and more people use Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and Google Assistant. As their capacity has improved, they can be incredibly helpful in searching for information and doing things around the house.

What does this mean for marketers in 2019? A lot of work. Voice search differs from search results on a mobile or desktop. When you open Google and type a search term, you’ll see hundreds of pages of search results. However, when you ask Alexa or Siri, it will only give you a few results. Many times, only one or two. If your website is on that prestigious list, your click-through rate can be potentially much higher but it needs to be there in the first place. Therefore, you may want to look or think about your SEO strategy for voice search.


4.       Social Media Has Taken Over

There are 3.196 billion global social media users. As social media has become embedded in almost everyone’s daily life, understanding these changes implemented in social networks is essential for businesses. These social media trends are consistently changing. The most popular social trends right now are video, automation, and influencers, but there’s so much more! What you should remember above all is that dominating a single platform will not be enough anymore. Your potential customers or leads on Facebook are not on YouTube, and those on YouTube are different than those who visit your website and view your blog. The key to your social media success is to repurpose your content across multiple (relevant) platforms. If you haven’t given much thought to your social media marketing strategy, the new year is the perfect time to do so.


5.       Say “Hello” to Chatbots

 Chatbots are changing the way customers interact with brands. These virtual assistants are AI- informed, chat in real-time (day or night), and many customers prefer these interactions. If your customer handles many questions daily, a chatbot could increase your customer service satisfaction.